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Coral Reefs are found mostly in tropical areas such as the Carribbean Sea, the Western Indian Ocean, and the Western South Pacific and coral reefs are located within thirty degrees of the equator.The few non-topical areas include the Red Sea and the Austrailian coastline.The only place coral reefs can exist is where the water depth does not go below 37 meters. Coral reefs rarely exist anywhere unless they are by a coastline. Usually the reefs are located in an area with a warm current running by, or in an area where it is quite cold, but has a warm current running by. Althought this is rare, for them to be located in a cool area. Most coral reefs are located along between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, because otherwise the temperature becomes to cold.

Coral Reef distributation all over the world

Temperatures rarely fall below twenty-two degrees Celsius. There are three parts to a coral reef. These parts will be regarded as seasons. The bottom, middle, and top are the three basic regions. The bottom is the coolest, and, as opposed to the bottom of the ocean, the bottom of a coral reef will rarely fall below twenty-two degrees Celsius, and is about twenty-five to thirty-seven meters down at the most. The middle region has a temperature of only a few degrees warmer, and the depth is between twelve and twenty-four meters from the surface. And last is the top region. It runs from the surface to about eleven meters under. Here it is the warmest, at about twenty-five degrees Celsius. These are the three seasons, and they are also considered the three main areas of a coral reef.

Coral Reef distribuation by water temperatures

The deepest part of a coral reef
The deepest part of a coral reef

middle region of a coral reef
middle region of a coral reef

shallowest part of a coral reef
shallowest part of a coral reef

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