Desert Fiction Story

The desert is usually a very peaceful place with bees buzzing around pollinating Mariposa Lilies and eating nectar, mutually benefiting. But not today, today the calmness is broken by a yell,

“Run Awaaay!” yelled a terrified jackrabbit as a coyote chased him around.

As the coyote made a lap around a nearby cactus, he slowed down and muttered to himself,


“Ugh, these roundworms sure aren’t making me any faster! I can’t chase prey like I used to!”

“Hey down there!” said a small voice from the cactus, “I hear you have roundworms, I can fix that! Just take one of these berries a day and those parasitic roundworms will be no more! Us birds are great at this medicine stuff!”

“Gee thanks bird!” Coyote exclaimed, “Say, doesn’t that cactus mind that you are making your home on it?”

“No,” the bird replied, “I am in a commensalistic relationship with the cactus, it doesn’t care that I’m here!”

“Oh,” Coyote said, “Well thanks again!”

Coyote walked off and the desert was peaceful again

Ryan H.
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