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Many of the grasslands around the world are located between deserts and forests.There are two types of grasslands: temperate and tropical. Tropical grasslands, or savannas, are north and south of the tropical rain forests that are on the equator. There are tropical grasslands in most of Africa. Temperate grasslands lie in the center of continents, surrounded by deserts and forests. An example of a temperate grassland is the Great Plains in the Central U.S. Grasslands are located on every continent except Antarctica.

Grasslands Located Around the World
ClimateThe number of grassland seasons varies, depending if it is a temperate grassland or a tropical grassland. Temperate grasslands have four seasons whereas a tropical grassland would only have two. In the temperate grassland winters, temperatures fall to -18 degrees Celsius, and in the summer, they can rise to 32 degrees Celsius. Temperate Grasslands are usually ,moist in precipitation, except for in the winter; in the Summer it gets 16.5 centimeters of precipitation. Fall gets 16.6, Winter gets 7.2, and Spring 15.8. Tropical grasslands only have two seasons. Tropical temperatures can be 18 degrees Celsius, even in the winter time. In the Summer, temperatures can grow to 27 degrees Celsius. Tropical grasslands in Australia get 46 centimeters of precipitation, but African savannas get three times that amount.

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