To the Soothing Ocean Shore
By: Sara J. and Colleen H.
Any place on our Earth where you are at a beach with the ocean pulsing in and out, you are at one of the worlds many ocean shores. On this webpage, we obviously can't name all of the ocean shores of the world, or our webpage would go on forever, so we will be focusing on the Ocean Shores of Kristiansand, Norway, and Queensland, Australia.

First, we will discuss the climate of Kristiansand, Norway. Kristiansand has four seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. The summers usually have a lot of sunshine in Kristiansand, compared to the rest of Norway. The average high tempurature for a summer in Kristiansand is 19.4 degrees Celsius. The average precipitation is 9.37 centimetres.The winters have S-SE winds, with heavy snowfall that usually doesn't stay long on the coast. the average high winter temperature in Kristiansand is much, much colder, only 2.07 degrees Celsius. The average winter precipitation is 10.57 centimetres. Spring and fall are in-between, with the average high temperature being 9.2 and 11.07 degrees Celsius, respectively. The average precipitation is 7.74 and 15.64, respectively.
Second, you may be thinking, were is Kristiansand? Kristiansand is located on the southern tip of Norway, in the county of Vest-Ager. It has many beaches, and also a few small islands. It is roughly southwest of Oslo and southeast of Stavanger.

Next, we will discuss the climate of Queensland, Australia. Queensland has two seasons. A hot, humid summer that is hot and sticky, with higher rainfall, and a warm winter, with minimal rainfall. The average temperature in summer is 26 degrees Celsius, while in the winter it is 20 degrees Celsius. There is 157 centimetres of precipitation throughout the year.
Lastly, a question you may be thinking about is, where can I find Queensland, Australia? Queensland is the northeasternmost state in Australia, north of New South Wales. There are many beaches in Queensland, and I will briely describe three of them. Turtle Bay is totally secluded. It has 3 freshwater streams and a waterfall behind the beach. Mission Beach stretches over 14 kilometres. It has tropical islands close by and calm, clear water brimming with fish. ALso, there is Flying Fish Point, a.k.a. Fishing Central!! Not very well known, it has a small section of holiday houses just meters from the shore.

We hope you enjoyed this relaxing trip through two different ocean shores, located in Queensland, Australia, and Kristiansand, Norway. But remember, there are so many other spots to sight an ocean shore!

This is a map of Australia, Queensland is shaded in dark orange

This is a map of Norway, Kristiansand is at the Southernmost Tip

An Australian Ocean Shore during the Summer season
An Australian Ocean Shore during the Winter season

This is a world map with all of the world's Ocean Shores highlighted
A Norweigian shore in summer
Norweigian shore in winter


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