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In the Open Ocean Biome there are multiple zones. Each zone starts and stops at a certain depth. The Epipelagic Zone is the first zone which starts at sea level to a depth of 200 m. The next zone is called the Mesopelagic Zone which is at a depth of 200m to a depth of 1,000m. The next zone is called the Bathypelagic Zone which is at a depth of 1,000m to 4,000m. The final zone is called the Abyssopelagic Zone which is at a depth of 4,000m to 6,000m. There is also an even lower zone which is rarely mentioned but is called the Hadalpelagic Zone which is at a depth of 10,000m to 11,000m.
Depths of the Ocean Diagram

World Map of the Oceans


The climate in Open Ocean varies depending on each zone. The closer to the surface, the warmer that zone is. In the Epipelagic Zone the water recieves alot of sunlight and has an average temperature of 13 degrees celsius. The next zone is the Mesopelagic Zone which has temperature's varying from 13 degrees celsius to 4 degrees celsuis. The final three zones wich are the Bathypelagic Zone, the Abyssopelagichas Zone, and the Hadalpelagic Zone all have an average temperature of 4 degrees celsius.
Temperature of Zones diagram

Animals that live in the different zones:

Epipelagic Zone

Mesopelagic Zone

Bathypelagic Zone
Bathypelagic Zone

Abyssopelagic Zone



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