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We mainly focus on two of the world's most famous rivers, the Missouri River in the U.S. and the Amazon river in South America. Below are pictures of each
The Amazon River located in South America (mostly in Brazil)
The Amazon River in spring and summer
The Amazon River is located in northern South America. It is the second longest river in the world, behind the Nile. It runs across almost the entire width of South America from west to east. It has two seasons, spring and summer. Located in Brazil, there is virtually no winter or fall because this mighty river is so close to the Equator. The average yearly temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year with about 16.93 centimeters per month and a total of 203.2 centimeters. One main difference between this river and the Missouri is that this river is located in a tropical climate zone. Where the Amazon is located only deals with two seasons instead of a usual four.
Map showing the location of the Missouri River
The Missouri River in winter

The Missouri River in summer

The Missouri River in spring

The Missouri River in autumn

The Missouri River is a river located in the United States and runs from near Great Falls to St. Louis. The climate zone of this river is temperate, because it is farther away from the equator than the Amazon. The river has four seasons, summer, autumn, winter, and spring. These season are mild, they are not very extreme. The annual average temperature along the river is 19 degrees Celsius. The average precipitation on this river can go anywhere from 115 centimeters in the fall and winter to 50 centimeters in the spring and summer.
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