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The Temperate Rainforest biome is all over the world, but, sadly, not in such significant quantities. In the Pacific northwest coast of North America, the forests are abound with Redwoods, Fir and lichen. They are steeped with rotting wood and blanketed an impenetrable fog. And southwest coast of Chile, Tazmania and New Zealand, the forests are not as dense and wet.
The green indicates where temperate rainforests are placed. They are located in the Pacific northwest coast of North America, southwest coast of Chile, Tazmania, and New Zealand


The Temperate Rainforest biome's name is very fitting. It has two seasons: warm and cool. The Temperate Rainforests of North America are very humid, moderate climates. The temperatures don't usually dip below 0 degrees Celcius during the cooler season, and don't rise above 30 Celcius during the warm season. The average annual rainfall is 331 cm. (130 in.) It receives approximatly 86 cm. during it's warm season, and 244 cm. during the cooler season. The temperate rainforests of the southern hemisphere (New Zealand, Chile) are drier and cooler than those of the northern hemisphere.

This is the temperate rainforest's warm season in Olimpia, Washington

This is the temperate rainforest's cooler season in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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