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Rain Forests are located between 23o

North and 23o

Rain Forest is located near the Equator In five contenents: North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In North America Tropical Rain Forests are located along the coast of Central America and Mexico. In South America the Tropical Rain forest is located in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela. Africa's rainforest is located in the middle of the contenent mainly in the country of Congo. In Asia most of the Rain Forest is on the contries of Indonesia, and New Guinea with some other countries in Southeast Asia. Finally some Tropical Rainforests are located on Australia's Northwestern coast.


Tropical Rain Forest Waterfall

Even though they are different, all Tropical Rain Forests have to have lots of three things to grow: light, heat, and moisture. The temperature of the Tropical Rain Forest is warm because of its location in the Tropics with an average temperature of 25oC.There are 2 seasons:warm season,and cool season . Right on the Equator in the heart of Amazon, Indonesia,and New Guinea these 2 seasons don't change noticeably. But farther away from the Equator temperatures vary by 6oC. Also In Asia, Australia and Africa they have more pronounced seasons. The warm season is wet and the cool season is dry. Most of the rain falls during the wet or warm season. In South America, New Guinea, and Indonesia the Rain Forest receives 125-660 cm of precipitation every year with a humidity of 83% on average. In Asia, Australia,and some parts of Africa the warm season gets around 300cm of rainfall and in the cool season there is 160cm of rainfall.

Warm season In Australia

Cool season in Waitakere New Zealand

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