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The two types of tundra biome, arctic and alpine, are located in regions south of the ice caps of Arctic regions. Extending across North America, Europe and Siberia on high mountain tops. Arctic and alpine tundras are areas where very few trees grow because of the short growing season. Tundras have low precipitation, strong winds, and in the case of alpine tundras, high altitude. Both tundras are often found near permanent ice sheets where, during summer, allow vegetation to grow. The tundra is the furthest biome from the equator, this means that the tundra recieves very little direct sunlight from the sun, and as a result is very cold.

Map showing the reigions where the tundra biome is located

The tundra is a barren snow-desert, with very high wind speeds. It has two seasons, summer and winter. The average temperature in the winter is -34 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature in the summer is 16 degrees Celsius. There is very little to no precipitation at all in the winter. While in the summer, aproximately a mere three centimeters of precipitation falls.

Alpine Tundra in the summer.

Arctic tundra in winter.

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